Fucked While Bowing On Facial Abuse

Stupid whore was in the middle of praying on her little rug when Bootleg came and started fucking her in the pussy from behind. Another cock comes in and started slamming her throat with it, causing her to spew all over her face. Like a good whore she swallowed yellow d. She was humiliated some more before her face gets covered in 3 loads of jizz.

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Fake News On Facial Abuse

Here’s an 18 year old throwing her life away doing porn. Not just any porn, but she’s gagging and choking on a hard dick on FacialAbuse. Watch as she struggles to keep up with a cock down her throat, making a mess all over and by the end of the scene, her cute face gets covered in a load of jizz.

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Discipline Overload On Facial Abuse

A cute slut had a melt down as she was overwhelmed with yellow discipline all over her face. She was face fucked and slapped around, taking a hard dick down her throat, making a sloppy mess all over herself. After she was done being destroyed, her pussy was used too until it was time to dump two loads of jizz all over her face

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Amazing Potential On Facial Abuse

This PAWG is a 20 year old with full of potential. She can deep throat a huge cock without getting messy. It’s amazing that she has zero gag reflex. Just watch she she takes the cock down her throat, then her pussy gets fucked nice and hard until it was time for her face to get coated in a creamy load of jizz.

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Pig In Pigtails On Facial Abuse

Self loathing whore gets degraded and humiliated getting her throat slammed by a hard dick on FacialAbuse. She then gets sodomized and drank the yellow d from her glass slipper. She got fucked in all her holes until it was time to cover her face with two loads of jizz.

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Riot Porn On Facial Abuse

Here’s a hot little Italian slut with a story to tell. She was chugging on Bootleg’s hard dick, spewing up her guts all over the whore bowl. She sobbed the entire time, telling her story as she is being sodomized. She swallowed the yellow discipline and by the end of the scene, she took 2 cumshot facials as tears ran down her face.

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Anal Fail on Facial Abuse

This whore think she could take the biggest cock in her little asshole, but yelp every time the head went in. She tried many times but failed, which was fun to watch. She did stuffed her mouth with it and gag when it hits the back of her throat. She ended up with her face covered in her own slop from the brutal face fucking. Overwhelmed at how bright yellow the yellow d was, she cringed when she had to swallow it. After all her holes were used and abused, she sat on the floor and took 2 nuts to her pretty face.

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Winnie The Flu On Facial Abuse

This Asian whore enjoys taking a big American cock down her throat on FacialAbuse. Watch as Bootleg penetrates her throat with his dick, making her choke hard. After the extreme face fucking, her small Chinese pussy got fucked hard until it was time to dumped two loads of jizz to her face.

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Kung Flu On Facial Abuse

This whore may be spreading the coronavirus and Bootleg didn’t want to take any chances so he wore a mask while destroying her throat with his hard cock. He slams it nice and deep, she spewed all over. Her mouth was overfilled with yellow d, filling up the whore bowl. Mix that with her slop and she drank it like bat soup. She was treated like a true whore, she ate Bootleg’s ass, licked shoes and her pussy got fucked hard. By the end of her torment, she took two loads to the face and she sat there humiliated.

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Pro Painal Accessories On Facial Abuse

Here’s a cute 19 year old who got roughed up while she is on her knees, having a hard cock down her throat. She opens up her mouth and gets her throat completely destroyed all the way past to her tonsils. Her throat was fucked in all different angles, messing up that pretty face of hers with slobber and spit. As the action continued, her ass was drilled deep and hard, giving her a rough treatment. Then by the end of the scene, she took two loads to the face.

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