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Stupid sluts get brutally face fucked and destroyed by cocks on FacialAbuse. They are made to give rough blowjobs then get fucked in the ass and pussy before taking a cumshot facial.

Milf Mishaps On Facial Abuse

Here is a submissive tattooed milf  who was totally face fucked on FacialAbuse. She began on her knees and took two hard cocks down her throat as the guys slams their cocks to the back of her throat, causing her to spew all over. After being face fucked and slapped around, the guys took turns fucker her tight pussy before dumping their loads all over her face.

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Submissive Tattooed MILF Face Fucked On

Repressed Memories On Facial Abuse

Here is an alt whore getting ready to get face fucked on FacialAbuse. After some small talk, the had her on her knees and began violating her throat. She kept her mouth open while taking all the harsh face fucking they had to offer her.

They continue to shove their cocks far down her throat in various positions and thrust their cocks deeper. She then gets the double cock treatment, taking both cocks at the same time in a DP and ends up with 3 nasty cumshot facial.

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Pusti On Facial Abuse

This whore comes in looking cute but totally got destroyed once the hard cocks hit the back of her throat. Watch as she gets face fucked in all different angles, the guys shoved their cocks down her throat over and over again. After deep throating the cocks, she lays on her back and takes a deep pounding. Once it was all over, she sat on the floor taking 3 loads to the face, leaving her dripping with jizz.

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Damsel In Distress On Facial Abuse

A cute whore was face fucked by two big cocks on FacialAbuse. She humiliates her boyfriend, saying things like “I hope you cry when you watch this!” as she took the cocks down her throat. The guys doused her head in a bucket of water for being a stupid moron. Once she got throat the rough throat fucking, she spreads her legs and gets pounded hard in her pussy until it was time to get her face covered in 3 loads of jizz.

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Cute Whore Gets Her Throat Stuffed With Hard Cocks On

Deep Dicked On Facial Abuse

This is a very intense scene for this filthy whore on FacialAbuse. She got her throat fucked hard, deep and fast, and is slapped around. After taking the throat invasion by hard cocks, bootleg and his friend take turns stretching out her tight pussy.

She took a good pounding and that tight pussy was toppled by a big thrusting cock. Then she gets her face all drenched in spit and cum.

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6 Holes 4 Tits 2 Hoes on Facial Abuse

Here are two whores doing some real nasty things. First, they got on their knees and was face fucked by a couple of hard cocks. It went deep down their throats causing them to choke and gag all over themselves. Once they were done deep throating the cocks, they get screwed deep in the pussy and ass and tasting each others asshole from the cocks, and by the end of the scene, they end up on the floor with multiple loads to the face.

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The Good The Bad The Epic On Facial Abuse

Sleazy whore gets manhandled on FacialAbuse. She starts off while being on her knees taking cocks down her throat from different directions. The guys took turns stuffing her throat, making her spew all over the place. As soon as the guys were done face fucking her, they slammed their cocks deep in her pussy. After the guys were finished with her, they sat her down on the floor  as the cocks dumped loads of cum all over her head.

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Fun Sized Freak on Facial Abuse

This freaky fun sized whore was completely destroyed on FacialAbuse. Watch as the guys shoved their cocks down her throat, causing her to become a sloppy mess. Once they were done face fucking her, she takes the two cock at the same time in a double penetration. After her holes were used and abused, she sat on the floor and took 3 humiliating loads to the face.

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Pip-Squeak On Facial Abuse

This cute little slut got emotional during a face fucking scene on FacialAbuse. Watch as her throat gets stuffed with hard cocks, causing her to choke and gag all over. Then her petite body was was tossed around as the guys took turns fucking her before they unleashed their loads all over her face.

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Phase Shift On Facial Abuse

Cock sucking whore was totally destroyed in this scene. The guys went all out and shoved their cocks down her throat, making her choke and gag all over. Once they were done annihilating her throat,  they stuffed her pussy with their hard cocks nice and deep before they dumped their loads, one after the other, all over her slutty face.

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