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Her First Anal On Facial Abuse

Here’s a whore who is getting all her holes fucked in this update on FacialAbuse as she returns for more face fucking. It starts off with her ass getting fucked for the first time EVER, but it eventually progressed to some interesting double penetration. She then gets emotional as the hard cocks slams the back of her throat. She was an unrecognizable mess from all the slop that came out of her mouth during the face fucking. Her pussy gets slammed nice and hard and her face gets covered in a creamy load of jizz.

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First Anal For This Cock Sucking Whore On FacialAbuse.com

Pale And Porked on Facial Abuse

The scene starts off with her on her knees with her mouth open for some yellow d and some hit her glasses, which ticked her off a bit. But before she could say anything, Bootleg and Jay D stuffed her mouth with their cocks. They don’t waste any time in making this whore gag, they absolutely annihilate her throat with hate. After the rough throating, she made her asshole and pussy available for slamming. It all began with her pussy getting fucked, but it eventually progressed to some interesting double penetration. Once the guys were finished with her, they sat her down on the floor and dumped their loads all over her face.

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Pale Whore Dominated By Hard Dicks On FacialAbuse.com

Sub Space On Facial Abuse

This blonde whore is a real slut, taking on two guys in this ruthless face fucking porn video. She arches her back with her head down to take cocks down her throat. She was face fucked so hard, her face was covered in her own slop, which left her unrecognizable. Her pussy is then stuffed with hard dicks before taking 3 loads of jizz to her cute little face.

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Necessary Roughness On Facial Abuse

Cute whore does porn for the first time. She gets on her knees while the cocks slams the back of her throat, making her fill up the whore bowl with her slop real quick. She swallowed the yellow d real good, then her tight  pink pussy gets drilled before taking 3 creamy loads to the face. We topped it off by dumping the content from the whore bowl all over her head before they sent her home.

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Submissive And Overwhelmed On Facial Abuse

Aggressive face fucking for this cute whore, she was puking some yellow stuff as she was getting her throat fucked by big cocks. With each stroke of the cock, more stuff came out of her mouth that made it covered her face. She stopped fussing and let the guys have their way with her. She was double penetrated and cleaned her ass off the cocks. She swallowed yellow discipline from 3 different guys, she was completely destroyed in this scene, and at the end she took 3 loads to the face.

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Butt Hole Bashed On Facial Abuse


This nasty whore returns for more face fucking by huge dicks. She gets her throat dominated by Bootleg and Sam. She gets huge dicks stuffing her mouth. The guys take turns shoving their cocks down her throat. Then her ass gets stuffed with Sam’s huge dick. She gets pounded repeatedly until it was left gaping. Soon after she gets double penetrated. By the end of the scene, she took cum to the face before they sent her home.

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Auntie Bumblefuck on Facial Abuse

19 year old gets two hard cocks down her throat over and over again. She’s so dumb, she gets her throat totally dominated with cocks and her mouth was used as a potty. She’s not brilliant, which makes it even fun to destroy her. She also took some nice firm slaps to the grill as well, and got a vibrator shoved in her urethra, which she enjoyed a lot. At the end she took a huge load to the face and emptied the contents in the whore bowl over her head and took some more of that yellow d. She was a useless whore.

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A Passage To Bangkok on FacialAbuse

This Asian whore is a real slut. She gets her throat destroyed by two angry cocks going deep and hard, which made her choke and gag. The guys gaped her ass and stuffed it with chicken lo mein and yellow d. She then gets a vibrator up her urethra and her ass stuffed with Bootleg’s cock at the same time and she enjoyed the sensation. She then gets DP’d before taking 4 loads to the face and some yellow d at the very end for good measure.

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Farmers Daughter on FacialAbuse


Dirty whore from the Midwest returns for more face fucking on FacialAbuse. She starts on her knees, taking a big cock down her throat while she bends over, taking another cock in the rear. The guys took turns face fucking her in various positions. After the rough throat fucking, she is double penetrated and swallowed some yellow d. Once the guys are done destroying her, she sits on the floor and receives two loads of jizz all over her face along with some yellow d to top it off.

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A Whore From the Midwest Dominated By Hard Dicks on FacialAbuse.com 

Shape Of The Gape On FacialAbuse

Get ready to be blown away with this new update on FacialAbuse. This nasty whore returns to get face fucked by big cocks. She swallowed some yellow d like a good whore too. A new device was used on her, when inserted in her asshole, you can see her entire bowel. All sorts of stuff was put in there; spit, yellow d, and her slop. She’s so nasty, the guys shoved a bat up her ass. You’d have to see the rest of the scene because it’s THAT awesome!

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Cock Gagging Whore Takes It Balls Deep On FacialAbuse.com