Irreverence And Sodomy on Facial Abuse

Bootleg and Jay D was trying to get some information from this whore so she got suspended and whipped. She got face fucked so hard, causing her to cough up all the info into the whore bowl. As the action continued, the guys drilled their cocks deep in her pussy, giving her a rough treatment. She took yellow discipline from 4 guys and 3 loads of jizz on her hijab covered head.

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What The Fuck On FacialAbuse

Submissive hooker is here to get her face fucked into absolute submission. She gets on her knees sucking on two hard dicks like a true whore. Then things got nasty when her sister joins in, only to take the yellow d into her mouth and become a bulimic over her hooker sister. The guys continued to destroy this hooker’s mouth. slamming their cocks to the back on her throat. After taking the throat invasion by big cocks, the guys took turns stretching out her tight pussy. She took a good pounding and that tight pussy was toppled by a big thrusting cock. Then she gets her face all drenched in spit and cum with some more yellow d.

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19 And Abused on FacialAbuse

Not only does this teen whore is looking to get actual discipline, she gets the yellow discipline too. Here’s a whore who fulfills her duties as a whore. She gets face fucked nice and hard by Bootleg and Sam. Soon after, things got emotional for her as her tonsils gets slammed over and over again. She was fucked in all different angles, messing up that pretty face of hers with slobber and spit. Once the guys were done with her, they sat her on the floor and dumped their loads all over her face.

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DP and Double Anal on FacialAbuse

Looking super slutty sitting on the couch on FacialAbuse, this whore was destroyed in many ways. All her holes were used and abused, a giant dildo was shoved up her ass like a pro. She took on some pretty big cocks down her throat, and swallowed them all down to the balls. She also took some nice firm slaps to the grill as well. After the rough fucking, she made her asshole and pussy available for slamming. It all began with her pussy getting fucked, but it eventually progressed to some interesting double penetration. Once the guys got the vibe that her holes had been abused enough, they sat her on the ground and shot load after load of cum onto her slutty little face.

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Her Forehead Tells A Tale on FacialAbuse

This horny slut gets fucked in the ass by 3 cocks. One after the other, these guys fucked her asshole that says “fuck you” tattooed around it. She is then had her forehead written in red lipstick “Piss Face” and was given the yellow discipline treatment. She is throat fucked in various angles, which was overwhelming for her. At the end, her face gets covered in a creamy load, leaving her dripping with jizz.

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Safe House on Facial Abuse

Check out this Arab whore who is up for an extreme throat fucking on Bootleg and Jay D roughed her up while she was on her knees, shoving their cocks down her throat. She is now getting violently skull fucked as she filled up the whore bowl with her slop. After the rough throat fucking, she gets her pussy stuffed with hard dicks then takes 3 humiliating loads to the face.

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Fire Crotch on Facial Abuse

This 20 year old redhead does an extreme deep throat action for the first time and she gave an epic performance. She was gagging on two hard dicks, slipping down her throat all the way down to the balls. She got fucked as her face was blowing bubbles in the whore bowl. After having 4  loads to the face, the guys dumped her in the trash can and rolled her down the corridor of woe.

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An Emo Gets Emo On Facial Abuse

This whore did good for an emo slut. But she couldn’t handle the abuse that was given to her. Two hard cocks being shoved down her throat and slapped around, the guys even emptied their bladders into her mouth, which was overwhelming for her. So at the end she took 3 creamy cumshot facials then had her slop dumped all over her head.

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Tune In Tokyo on Facial Abuse

Big hard cocks slamming a cute Asian whore deep inside her tight throat. The guys roughed her up while she is on her knees. She bends over to expose her tight little ass and gets pounded in the rear while her throat gets invaded by another cock. She gets her throat fucked in different angles, messing up that pretty face of hers with slobber and spit. After being throat fucked, the guys proceeded to fuck her in her tight little pussy. Once they were done destroying her throat, the guys nutted on her face as she sat there covered in jizz for all to see.

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Sad, Blue Eyes on FacialAbuse

Extreme face fucking for this blue-eyed whore, which they quickly glazed over as two hard dicks are stuffed in her throat. She’s a real mess mentally, she doesn’t seem to know what she is doing. Bootleg and Jay D didn’t waste any time in making this bitch gag, they absolutely annihilate her throat as her makeup ran down her face. Her throat gets completely destroyed before her pussy is used too. They took turns slamming her pussy before shooting their loads all over her face.

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